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Track Listing

Lies To Me
Cheer Up Peru
Stick To Milly
Love You All
Couldn't Be Sorry
This is My Haircut
Desperately Seeking Anyone
Crossing a Canyon
I Love Candy
Frankl's Revenge
Nothing Ever Happens
I Wish I Knew
Puddle of Love

Okay, I'm cheating here. This isn't really a promotional CD. It's just a European import CD that costs about $40. It contains some great multimedia stuff including a band biography, a nifty screensaver, desktop wallpapers, five music videos (Love You All, Lies To Me, Crossing a Canyon, Ocean Pearl, Blame Your Parents) and Fan Club "Friends of Fifty Four Forty" information. If you like 5440 and are not an FFF member, you should join. It is truly the best fan club in existence.

There are three tracks not found on the Canadian version of this CD. Nothing Ever Happens (an alternatve version "Nothing Happens Here" can be found on Steal This CD), I Wish I Knew (also available on Part 2 of the Lies To Me single) and Puddle of Love (available on Part 1 of the Lies to Me single). Two songs available on the Canadian release are missing. Cry A Little (also available on Part 2 of the Lies to Me single) and Hooked on Bliss (available on Part 1 of the Lies to Me single)

The CD comes in a shiny cigarette case. I do not condone smoking and the prescence of a cigarette case on my web site is not meant to promote smoking of any kind.

From the collection of Jon Sohn

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